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This Weekend: Day 2!

Day 2 Schedule is Up!

I have posted the approximate timings for the games we're playing this Saturday, November 18th for Day 2 of our charity marathon. You can find it at the top of the Event Schedule page.

This time, I'm going to have 7 devices hooked up for the other 16 games we will be playing for our remaining 12 hours. We'll be using my model 1 Genesis, NES and SNES Classic Minis, PC, PS4, Wii U and Xbox 360. We have puzzle games, action platformers, sports, brawlers... but the one thing they all have in common is fun!

Come check out all the fun we'll be having again as we stream live on my Twitch channel under my username, AlfaTrion. We may even go into overtime again like on Day 1!

Donation Incentives #ForTheKids

During Day 1 of the marathon, I said for every donation of $35 or over, I would do a tequila + Tabasco shot. By the end of the night we raised over $500! So for Day 2 we will do more of the same, responsibly.

You can check out some of our incentives, donation tiers and stretch goals on the Event Schedule page. We'll be doing things like push ups, planks, shots and maybe some face painting! Please donate and make us look like fools... it's for the kids!

Thanks again to all who donated so far. Now is the time to tell your friends they can join in the fun too :)

A Successful Day! Part 1 is Done.

What a Great 15 Hours...

First off, I would like to thank everyone that stopped by either in person or via live stream, all the people who donated yesterday and especially everyone who played with me throughout the day. Also thanks to Carmen, Judy and Shela for keeping everyone fed.

Day 1 was a huge success as we raised over $500 more over the course of the day. We played for 12 hours followed by 3 bonus hours. I made an incentive during the stream where if people donated $35 or more, I would do a tequila + Tabasco shot. It seemed to work! Don't worry, I didn't allow myself to do them too fast, for safety sake. Donations were still coming in then next day which brought us to $3,640!

Let's keep this going for Day 2 which is on the 18th of November. I'll try to post the game schedule later this week. Let's see if we can get to $4,000! Time to restock the tequila... #ForTheKids!


There is a temporary video of the entire 15 hour stream on my Twitch channel. I will be chopping it up and posting it to my YouTube account during the next few months, so stay tuned.

Out of the games we played, the top 3 biggest hits were:

  • Rock Band
  • Windjammers
  • Nidhogg

Big thanks to Justin, Dennis and Heshaka for requesting these gems!

Day 2 - November 18th

For Day 2 I will be thinking up some more incentives for people to keep donating and raising funds for SickKids Foundation.

If you think of any, let me know!

Next Weekend: GAME TIME!

Just a Little More...

As of this post we are a mere 5% away from our $3,000 goal, only $145 short! Also, we still have a half-hour game slot left for requests which can make a great incentive for your friends to donate for the cause (KIDS)! Let them know and if you haven't requested a game already, what are you waiting for? There are some suggestions at the bottom of the Available Games List for your convenience :).

Currently, the Extra Life site shows that 1UPers are in the Top 5 list of fundraisers for SickKids Foundation. If we go passed our goal, we may even make Top 3!

Day 1 Schedule is Up!

I have posted the approximate timings for the games we're playing this Saturday, November 4th for Day 1 of our charity marathon. You can find it at the top of the Event Schedule page.

I'm going to have 9 devices hooked up for the 16 games we will be playing for a minimum of 12 hours straight! We'll be using my model 1 Genesis, NES Classic Mini, PC, 3 different Playstations, Super Famicom, Switch and Xbox 360. Across all of these consoles we will be playing games spanning a whole slew of genres from classic platformers and "sports" games to puzzle and rhythm games.

Come check out all the fun we'll be having as we stream live on my Twitch channel under my username, AlfaTrion. Day 2, for the remaining 12 hours, will be held on Saturday, November 18th.

Have a Safe and ~Spooky~ Halloween!

If you are binge watching the new season of Stranger Things, try and spot the different arcade machines in the background of some of the scenes. Which one was your favourite growing up? Hit me up on Twitter (@AlfaTrion) and let me know!

Almost There...

We're 80% of the Way to the Goal!

Great work, everybody! We're so close to our goal of $3,000 and even game day as well. At the moment of this posting there are only 18 game request slots left so if we fill all of those we'll be around 95%!

Please continue to share my campaign with others and help me inch forward towards the goal.

Dreaming Re: Streaming

I took a day off work last week to test my streaming set up. I didn't get through all of the requested games but I was able to have the live chat show up on screen. Also the stream quality was pretty solid so I'm very happy about that.

If you want to watch the test, check it out while it is still available by clicking the picture below. There may be some casual foul language used, so please don't be offended.

Screenshot of my Twitch stream test for Extra Life 2017

Where's the Rest of Last Year's Clips?

This year I got very busy with multiple volleyball leagues, so the videos had a slow start. I started getting on a roll with pumping out some videos to YouTube, but after 6 hours of last year's clips, I got extremely busy: Multiple volleyball leagues, freelance work, family, health and then the usual birthdays and weddings all took up any of the video editing time I had each week.

I'm very sorry for the delay but they will be coming, slowly but surely. However, if you want to see the raw 24 hour video, it is still up on my Twitch.tv page (click the image in the above section) and look for the 24 hour video from February 7th, 2017.

After this November, I will try to put out one 2017 marathon video each week and try to sprinkle multiple 2016 videos in between.

Less Than Two Months Until Extra Life 2017!

Only 25 Game Request Slots Left!

Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of exclamation points in this site?

Anyway, just a quick update: We have raised $1,325 which makes us about 44% to our goal of $3,000, and the Early Bird tier for game requests is now closed.

Game requests are still open and there are 25 slots left at the time of this post. I picked up some great games (Like Windjammers) for you to request!

The past two weeks have been very busy but I managed to get a few more videos up on YouTube from last year's game day. See below for a couple of them.

I still need your help with spreading the word of our campaign in order to secure additional donations for SickKids Foundation. Also, please donate if you can!

I hope to get some more videos up soon, but for now, please enjoy the ones below.

Game Wall Tour and Crash Bandicoot

Crandle the birthday girl wanted us to play Crash Bandicoot on Game Day and while I was setting up, Kevin said I should show off my game wall. So at the beginning of this video, you'll be able to see a good majority of my physical games on display.

After that, watch Shawn and I suck very badly at this game while Georgina constantly says "Oh My God!" Also, you can try to count how many times we say "WHAT?!" during the game.

Some funny memories:

  • Game wall tour: first minute and a half of the video
  • They teach me how to pick up items and I still fail: 7:04
  • And again: 7:35
  • Rene judges Crash's girlfriend: 23:19
  • Hardest enemy ever: 29:56

Extra-Life '16 Clip: Tekken 3

My college roommate, Moose, donated and requested we play Tekken 3, the hit Playstation 1 title from Namco which was popular back when we were living on campus at McMaster University. I clearly forgot how to play this game! Watch a bunch of us try to clobber each other and fail miserably.


  • I start the game off by kicking a robot to death: 3:11
  • "Sweet Pun" during the Lei vs King fight: 5:00
  • Unnecessary roughness to end the Eddy vs Jin match: 10:10
  • Kevin looks like a beer: 16:56
  • Kevin beats me without looking!: 19:12
  • Jojo tells us the meaning of fighting games: 20:49
  • Kevin calls Chris "Mike": 26:46

Hour Six of 2016's Game Day

Extra-Life '16 Clip: Monaco - What's Yours is Mine

Here's a clip from last year's game day which started off the 6th hour of the marathon: 1UPer Carmen (aka Snack Attack) requested we play Monaco and it was hilarious because it was the most uncoordinated bank heist I've ever witnessed. Lot's of funny moments, especially when Georgina, the Edamadame, was doing the back seat commentary!

There were a lot of laughs and dramatic deaths, here are the times for just a few highlights:

Extra-Life '16 Clip: Crypt of the Necrodancer

Rounding off the 25% mark of the marathon we played Crypt of the Necrodancer which was requested by 1UPers Chris and JoJo: You can watch us try to dungeon crawl to the beat (dungeon dance, if you will). Most of the times we either killed each other or ourselves! Conrad was the best out of us on our first tries.

After editing this video I really want to go back into this game!


  • Chris explains to Jocelyn how he's prevented their house to look like mine within the first 30 seconds of them arriving lol
  • Kevin dances (again!): 8:34
  • Enemy victory party: 18:59
  • Chris's great advice: 20:36

We Broke $1,000 Again!

One Third of the Goal Raised!

Today I got a whopping five donations from some of the great people I work with, some of whom being 1UPers themselves. As of this post, we're sitting at just over a grand with $1,075 USD which will go right to SickKids Foundation. A couple more grand and we're already at our goal :)

Thank you to everyone who donated so far!

New Games

Since my last update, I've added around 65 new games ready to be requested for the team to play and stream during the game days. About half of the titles are for various Nintendo consoles and the other half for Xbox 360. See the Change Log for the updates or check out the full list of games.

As of this post there are only 28 slots left to request games so donate and request today before it's too late! Also, this is the last week for Early Bird donation tiers to request games. You can save $5-10 USD if you request a game before September 1st :)

Extra-Life '16 Clip: Runbow (Round 1)

Here's a clip from last year's game day which ended the 5th hour of the marathon: Kevin, Rick, Shawn and I play Runbow by Canadian developers, 13AM Games. We had so much fun with this game that later in the day, we played it again when more people were available to play. This game can go up to 9 players on the Wii U!

There were a lot of laughs and dramatic deaths, here are the times for just a few highlights:

  • 7:45
  • 10:04
  • 18:55
  • Kevin invites EVERYONE to his house: 19:29

Time Moves Fast...

Sonic Mania Poster

Two Weeks Already?

Last time, I mentioned how time flew by this year but these last two weeks just zoomed past like a sonic boom!

Since the last post, thanks to 10 people who donated, we have raised almost $500 for SickKids Foundation, nearly one sixth of our $3,000 goal! Let's keep it coming!

Game Requests Are Open

I added a change log for my list of available games to make it easier for people who have already browsed through it to find new games. Since my last post, I've added 13 more games and I will be updating the list soon because I picked up more games such as today's release from SEGA, Sonic Mania, for Nintendo Switch!

If you were a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog on the SEGA Genesis (or Mega Drive) then this game will tug so hard on your nostalgia strings, you might fall over!

If you'd like to request for the 1UPers team to play Sonic Mania or any other game I own, head to the Event Schedule page for instructions on how to do so. And remember: early bird donation rates are available for 2 more weeks! As of this post, we have 4 game requests and request slots are open for you.

The 2nd week of August represents the 28th and 26th anniversary of the North American launches of the SEGA Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System respectively. Maybe you want to pick a game for us to play from one of these great 16-bit consoles?

The 2017 Campaign Begins!

Let's Do This (Again)!

Wow, this year has gone by way too quickly... I still have almost twenty hours of footage from the 2016 campaign that I need to edit and post. If I wait until I'm finished editing that footage I'll miss the 2017 campaign!

And this is why I am making this post: Extra Life 2017 is only 3 months away and we need to get to raising funds.

Last year's initial goal was $1,000 and we ended up raising over six times that amount! This year the initial goal is $3,000. Let's see where it goes :)

Let's Do It A Bit Differently Though...

For last year's campaign, I made it a part of my birthday celebration. It was my best birthday ever. This year, I'd like to take part in Extra Life around the same time most people around the world are doing it, November.

The official game day is on November 4th this year and I'd like to play for a whole twelve hours that day followed by another twelve hours, two weeks later on the 18th.

Two days? Yes, this time we will split the 24 hours evenly in two, which is completely fine with the people at Extra Life.

Due to my condition, it has become more apparent that rest is extremely important for me. Doing another 24-hour marathon would not be good for body nor my brain. Twelve hours should be fine, especially if I take breaks and if team members take the controller for a while like last year.

We have game requests open for a minimum donation of $25 again, with an Early Bird Special price for the month of August. But this time I will choose the times the games are played unlike last year. This change is so the final hours of the night aren't as painful as it was back in February with some very tough/terrible games at the end, haha!

I have to give props once again to Ivan and Shawn for sticking it through the night!

Join Us!

The cause is the same: Help children, help childrens' doctors, help the Hospital for Sick Children. Kids are our future's best asset.

Donate today, spread the word and in November watch us live on Twitch for some fun times and big laughs as the 1UPers play some of the hottest or worst games I own!

For the time in between, keep checking back as I post more clips from our first campaign.

1UPers Extra-Life '16 Clip: Hour 5 Start

Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign

Rick shows us fellow 1UPers, Kevin, Shawn and me, how to kick some butt in the beautifully animated Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign to start off the 5th hour of our Extra Life gaming marathon!

Fun Fact: All of this video's puns happen to be about the characters in the game.

  • Picture of Chewy, our favourite dog, in gaming gear: 2:29
  • First pun of the match: 3:24
  • Picture of Rick in Faust cosplay at work: 4:44
  • Rene starts falling in love with I-No: 15:50
  • DOUBLE puns thrown: 20:09
  • Final GG Xrd character related pun: 30:49

Look out for more clips by subscribing to my YouTube channel!

1UPers Extra-Life '16 Clip: Hour 4 End

Thunder Force V

This half hour during my Extra Life marathon was brought to you by Ken L. This shoot'em up series is by TechnoSoft and it's pretty tough!

1UPer Ivan gives it an honest try and near the end 1UPer Shawn gets in his first gaming of the day! We'll just call that a warm up lol

1UPer Kevin also is asked to do the Macarena by someone on the Twitch chat lol

  • Ivan's 1st attempt death timer at 3:00
  • Ivan's better attempt death timer at 4:53
  • Nice dodge move by Ivan at 6:57
  • Picture of my Extra Life '16 gold medal and t-shirt at 12:45
  • Ivan's instant death timer (lol) at 14:37
  • Kevin doing the Macarena at 16:53
  • Ivan's GAME OVER timer on a different starting level at 26:10

Look out for more clips by subscribing to my YouTube channel!

1UPers Extra-Life '16 Clip: Hour 4 Start

Nights: Into Dreams

Peter K. & Anna M. donated and requested I play this game during my Extra Life marathon. This game is by SEGA's Sonic Team and they made the 3D Control Pad for use in this game. This new control pad was SEGA's answer to Nintendo's N64 analog controller.

1UPer Kevin tries the game out for the first time and then I manage to beat the first boss!

  • Sick burn at 19:05

Look out for more clips by subscribing to my YouTube channel!

1UPers Extra-Life '16 Clip: Hour 3 End

Streets of Rage 2

Carmen donated and requested I play this game to end the third hour of my Extra Life marathon. This game has one of my favourite soundtracks, composed by the great Yuzo Koshiro, and is my favourite game in beat 'em up genre.

1UPer Ivan helps me clear out the streets of thugs on our journey to rescue our ex-cop teammate from the original Streets of Rage.

  • Sweet pun within 0:25 seconds
  • Instant karma own at 8:43
  • Duck smuggler, with impression at 16:07

Look out for more clips by subscribing to my YouTube channel!

1UPers Extra-Life '16 Clip: Hour 2

Burning Rangers

Peter K. & Anna M. donated and requested I play this game for an hour of my Extra Life marathon. This game is great and a favourite of SEGA Saturn fans around the world.

1UPers Kevin and Rick help me out and this video features a 'failcam' moment plus a sweet pun by Kevin!

  • Failcam at 1:07:05
  • Sweet pun at 1:19:49

Look out for more clips by subscribing to my YouTube channel!

1UPers Extra-Life '16 Clip: Hour 1

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Laura S. donated and requested I play this game for the first hour of my Extra Life marathon. This game is hilarious and I really should beat it one day!

This first video has some audio lag/echo but the rest of the videos should be better. Apologies.

What is This?

This video is part of my 24hr stream from February 2017 which I promised to do after raising funds for my local children's hospital.

Look out for more clips by subscribing to my YouTube channel!

Top Fundraiser Reward!

I Was Not Expecting This at All

Cool! Extra-Life sent me this awesome plaque for being a top fundraiser!

I should get my butt in gear for the next campaign, eh?

A big Thank You plaque from Extra-Life

Gold Medal!

$1,000 Tier Reward!

Extra-Life sent me a gold medal for raising a ton of funds for SickKids Foundation!

Gold medal with Extra-Life logo

Well Deserved Rest

So Proud

What a night! I hope you were able to catch at least some of it on the live stream. No need to worry if you missed it as I will be uploading many clips of the night to YouTube. Stay tuned to my channel!

The last few hours of the night were pretty brutal, I'm not going to lie. I think next campaign we should do 2 days of 12 hours each. More importantly, I won't let people pick time slots for the games they request because having the hardest ones near the end were real killers! You live, you learn :)

Round of Applause

Big thanks to the 1UPers team for showing up and playing for as long as each one of them did. Ivan and Shawn lasted until the end! Such troopers. Also thank you to Kevin and Rick who stayed for the better part of the day and provided commentary and social media management. Huge thank you to Carmen and Shela for providing food all day.

See You Next Time

To the 1UPers, the donators and the spectators: Thank you so much for making this the coolest and most fulfilling birthday I ever could imagine.

See you next campaign!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

What a Campaign!

I've been amazed since Day 1 of launching this site and week after week, month after month, my mind was blown over and over again. The amount of caring and warm people who donated and the amounts people donated both were such a pleasant surprise to me.

I proudly announce that, as of New Year's Eve, our first Extra Life campaign has ended and we raised a final total of $6,189 USD! That's about $8,140 in Canadian dollars that goes straight to the SickKids Foundation to distribute in the areas of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto that need it most.

While many people have said congratulations to me, I have to say congratulations to every single person who donated for doing such a great thing, as well as for making my birthday wish come true. Cheers and Happy New Year!

Game Time

Join us on Saturday morning, February 4th at 10am on Twitch.tv/AlfaTrion and cheer us on and say hello.

I will be streaming the games listed in the event schedule along with a webcam pointed at the team members playing. You can watch us win, fail, laugh and scream at the games and each other.

As I am a Twitch Prime member now, I'm hoping there is a way to archive the footage so I can post clips on YouTube afterwards but I'm unfamiliar in this area so that is not guaranteed. So please join us on game day if you can, even for a few minutes!

The Final Stretch

1.5 Weeks Left...

Quick Stats:

  • Current goal progress: 97%
  • 3803% more funds raised than the average fund raiser for this event!
  • Overall rank across Extra Life: 75th out of 50,162
  • Donations Received: 54
  • Rank for SickKids fundraiser across Extra Life: 1st!

Folks, this is amazing. We're under $200 away from raising $6,000 USD for SickKids Foundation in our first ever Extra Life campaign. That's almost six times my original goal!

I know everyone is busy with holiday errands, shopping, gatherings and more. But let's not forget the thousands of children that will benefit from your donation. If you haven't had time to donate yet, time is running out as we only have just over a week left for the 2016 campaign. If you have already donated, please spread the word! Thank you everyone for all of your support and kid words!

Twitch Streaming Today

I have the day off work specifically to do work on charity related tasks. Today I will be streaming on Twitch, on-and-off, testing all the games scheduled for game day. Come join me if you can and provide any feedback about the quality of the stream weather it be the video quality, the audio or even how messy my living room is at the moment!

We're Cleaning Up!


At the beginning of the November we were sitting around $2,800 raised. I'm so excited to tell you that as of this post, we have surpassed our 3rd goal of $5,000 and with one month left, we have raised $5,436 for SickKids Foundation! After donations from my loving mother and aunt, we broke $5,000 so I stretched the goal by a grand. Within 24 hours of the increase we were already less than $600 to the new goal!

I'd like to give a huge thank you to Dennis Fagan for re-donating six (6) of his time slots he earned with his contribution in order to give people more incentives to take part in giving. This act raised us a whopping $175 as well as some great game requests. Way to go, Dennis!

I must also thank my father for enlisting his kind friends to help the cause. So far, these generous people have given me many warm words on top of donating around $1,700 within the last two weeks, which is absolutely huge!

Currently, there are 49,634 participants across all of Extra Life who are supporting their local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Last update I mentioned we were the #1 fundraisers across Extra Life who are raising funds for SickKids Foundation, our local CMN hospital. This update I am so proud to say, thanks to every single person who has donated for Team 1UPers, we are 74th across all of Extra Life out of nearly 50,000 participants!

Being able to take all this money to a charity like SickKids Foundation... This is probably going to be the best birthday of my entire life. Thank you all.

One Month Left

For donations to count towards this Extra Life campaign, there's only one month left. If you haven't already, now's the time to donate! Otherwise your donation will count towards next year's campaign and your tax receipt won't arrive for quite some time. That's fine with me if it's fine with you :)

Don't forget to tell your friends. If they are feeling charitable this holiday season, SickKids Foundation is a great place who can always benefit from a donation of any amount. Every dollar counts! #ForTheKids

We're Number 1!

This Just In...

I received an email from the SickKids Foundation via Extra-Life today informing us that even though the Extra Life official game day is this Saturday, November 5th, they will be leaving the donations page active until the end of the year. This is great news as we can keep raising funds for them until December 31st!

But that's not the only good news in this email... We are currently the #1 fundraisers for SickKids on Extra Life! This is amazing news since we've only started our drive for just over one month ago and we've already raised almost $2,800 so far. I'm so proud to have such generous people in my life who are helping to improve the quality of health care for the kids in our community. Thank you everyone!

Check out SickKids Foundation's inspiring video and help spread the word. Let's get those crucial dollars coming #ForTheKids.

Practice Day

I mentioned above that this Saturday is the official Extra Life game day. While Team 1UPers' game day will be in February of next year, I am going to do some practice gaming and streaming this Saturday as well.

Throughout the day I will be streaming on Twitch, on and off, for at least 6 hours just so I can get a feel of how I should mentally and physically prepare for the real marathon. On top of that, I can tweak my streaming setup for the big day if things aren't optimized. Mic levels, webcam positioning, lighting and other technical issues will hopefully be taken care of by the end of the day.

Game Requests: SOLD OUT!

Stay tuned for more incentives to donate as I am happy to inform you that all 46 game request slots have been officially reserved! Just based on the game requests alone, we raised just over $1,000!

You can see the list of games requested and who donated towards each time slot on the Event Schedule page.

Again, thank you to the following heroes*: Dennis, Peter & Anna, Yousaf, Carmen, Dave, Georgina, Ivan, Kat, Mike, Shawn, Laura, Laurence, Justin, Shela, Chanelle, Chris, Conrad, Ken and Leonardo!

*NOTICE: In November I will be testing out the requested games to make sure they are working and figure out the best streaming settings for each one. If you have reserved a request but haven't decided on a game yet, please try to get that in by the 18th of November.

We Broke $2,000!

Almost Half Way There

Quick Stats:

  • Current goal progress: 47%
  • Game request slots available: 16
  • Early bird request rates cutoff: 2 weeks

Two days after the last update we had another burst of donations that put us over our first stretched goal of $2,000 and now we're nearly half way to the final goal!! With about three-and-a-half more months to go I'm sure we can do it with your help. Help spread the word by sending your close friends my Extra-Life.org personal link:

Get Your Requests In...

As of this posting, I have 3 generous donators picking their game requests with one of them donating enough for 9 slots! The amount of generosity towards the SickKids Foundation is astounding :)

Don't sleep on your game request if you haven't donated already because the free slots are going much faster than I imagined! Also, in two weeks time, the early bird rates will be closed and the minimum donation to request a game for us to play for 30 minutes will start at $25. One and two hour requests will be a minimum of $45 and $85 respectively.

What happens when all the slots are filled? We will have more incentives for people to give! Sign up for email updates to stay in the know.

Games, Games, GAMES!

There are now more requestable games added to the games list as I added my GoG.com library and a bunch of PSN games I got for "free" with PSN Plus. There are about 160 GOG titles and about 70 PSN titles spanning the PSOne, PS3, PS4 and PSN sections.

Last weekend I was testing my broadcasting and capturing softwares for event day and decided to play Journey on PS3. I had a great time and shared my first 30 minutes on YouTube. If you haven't played it, I highly recommend it as I felt so good after completing the game that day.

Check out the video:

If you like the idea of taking quick peeks at games, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Truly Inspired

I'm Speechless...

Within 30 minutes of my Extra Life page going live, we received an anonymous donation of $500 followed by yet another anonymous $500 with the first 12 hours! After stretching the goal out to $2,000, I had to stretch it once more to $5,000 because before the first 24 hours was over, thanks to kind, generous people, we had already raised over $1,800!

With 3 months left in our campaign, I am very positive we can reach and beat this $5,000 goal. But we'll need your help!

Spread the word and if you haven't donated already, please do as every dollar counts. As a bonus, if you are a permanent employee at my company, Critical Mass, the company will match your donation up to $100! How great is that?

Consoles Added to the Game List

UPDATE Oct. 10 2016:
I just fixed a Super Famicom generously given to me by a close friend and now we can stream original Gameboy games via my Super Gameboy 2 I got from Japan! 26 Gameboy games have now been added to the games list.

I have added my Gamecube games to the list of games donators can request to play. Additionally, I now have a working Game Boy Player attachment for the Gamecube so I've added my Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games to the list. That's about 75 games added!

There are still time slots available to request games. Pick what we play! Early bird donation tiers are available for 3 more weeks.

Team Member Bios Coming Soon

I hope to have the 1UPers team bios up at some point in the next couple of weeks. Until then, here's some quick facts:

  • Kevin loves Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest)
  • Ivan really gets into Monster Hunter
  • Carmen enjoys beating people up in Streets of Rage
  • Farhan digs shoot'em ups (like Gradius) but is terrible at them!

The First Update!

A Great Cause

Hello friends, here is the new update section where you will find up-to-date information about 1UPers and our donation drive for the upcoming 24 hour gaming marathon for charity, Extra Life!

Since this site just launched, we are at ZERO dollars but that's OK because even if you can only spare just one dollar, not only will that one dollar be much appreciated by the team, but that one dollar will be used at the SickKids Foundation which will, in turn, benefit a child in need of medical treatments from specialized doctors.

Your donation is tax-deductible and all proceeds go to help kids.

Pick What We Play

I have added a list of about 1,800 games (with many more to come) across 16 consoles for you to choose, for us to play! If you take a peek at the Event Schedule you will find a timetable with 30 minute slots for donators to fill out with the game of their choice, for 1UPers to play for the specified time. There is a minimum donation amount for the game requests, so donate while the early bird special is still in effect! The rules and game list can also be found on the Event Schedule page.

Mailing List

Feel free to sign up for the mailing list to stay up-to-date with any important updates regarding the event. I promise not to spam you or share your email address with anybody, including the rest of the 1UPers team.

The sign up form is on the right in the sidebar or below the main content of this page, depending on what type of device with which you are viewing the site.