The 1UPers Team

Bio pictures of Elite Beat Agents on Nintendo DS

Members (In Order of Apperance in 2016)

  • Farhan 'AlfaTrion' J.
  • Carmen 'Snack Attack' W.
  • Shela 'Zumbathon' U.
  • Kevin 'BestRick' D.
  • Rick 'Back Pucks' V. AKA 'GoodRick'
  • 'Zombie' Ivan C.
  • Greedy Shawn 'The Champ' L.
  • GG 'The Edamama' F.
  • Berry 'Juicy Squirts' B.
  • Justin 'Player 3' W.
  • Conradical S.
  • Chris 'Mike Pricetag' F.
  • Jocelyn 'Jojo' H.
  • and more...

The Site

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Farhan Jiwani
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Special Thanks

  • Greg Sewart of Player One Podcast and Generation-16 for the idea and inspiration to do something wonderful as this.
  • Pablo Dassen of The Pablo Dassen Company for showing me Outrun by Sega and my parents for buying me a Sega Master System when I was 8 years old.
  • My oldest friend, Derrick Fong, for constantly showing me new series/genres in gaming since grade 2.
  • Carmen Wu, my wife, for her patience and understanding of my passion and mania. I love you more than words can describe.
  • All the 1UPers who helped do this in the last two years!