2016 Event Schedule

Here is the list of games we played (or tried to!) along with the list of people who donated $25 (or more) in order to request the game of their choice for us to play.

This was the first year for Team 1UPers and we let the donators also chose the time slot for when the game was to be played. In hindsight, this was a bad move because at the near the end of the 24-hour run there were some pretty rough games! :)

It was a great day and lots of laughs were had. You can view many clips from that day on the Extra Life '16 playlist on YouTube.

Games Schedule
Time SlotGame TitleConsoleDonator(s)
10:00 amOctodad: Dadliest CatchSteamLaura S.
10:30 amOctodad: Dadliest CatchSteamLaura S.
11:00 amSuper Smash Bros. for Wii UWiiULeonardo "M." L.
11:30 amBurning RangersSATPeter K. & Anna M.
12:00 pmBurning RangersSATPeter K. & Anna M.
12:30 pmStreets of Rage 2GENCarmen Wu - Team 1UPers
1:00 pmNights: Into DreamsSATPeter K. & Anna M.
1:30 pmParodiusSATKen L.
2:00 pmGuilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-PS4Team 1UPers
2:30 pmRunbowWiiUTeam 1UPers
3:00 pmMonaco: What's Yours is MineX360Carmen Wu - Team 1UPers
3:30 pmCrypt of the Necrodancer
(with a keyboard in co-op mode)
4:00 pmCrash BandicootPS1Crandle
4:30 pmTekken 3PS1Yousaf K.
5:00 pmGoldenEye 007N64Justin W.
5:30 pmGoldenEye 007N64Justin W.
6:00 pmSportsfriendsPS4Shelo U.
6:30 pmOvercookedSteamShelo U.
7:00 pmSTARWHALPS4Kyri
7:30 pmSTARWHAL (tentative)PS4Kyri
8:00 pmHyrule WarriorsWiiUShawnanigans
8:30 pmMario Kart 8WiiUShawnanigans
9:00 pmP.T.PS4Conradical
9:30 pmNHL '94GENAnonymous
10:00 pmLovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
(4-player mode)
10:30 pmLovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
(4-player mode)
11:00 pmSuper Mario MakerWii UElvin S. & Dennis F.
11:30 pmGunstar HeroesGENElvin S. & Dennis F.
12:00 amKatamari DamacyPS2 (via PS3)Anonymous & Dennis F.
12:30 amBubble BobbleNESAnonymous & Dennis F.
1:00 amLeisure Suit Larry: ReloadedPCCarol P., Mike C. & Dennis F.
1:30 amLeisure Suit Larry: ReloadedPCCarol P., Mike C. & Dennis F.
2:00 amUltra Street Fighter IVX360Laurence W.
2:30 amCastle CrashersX360Laurence W.
3:00 amRed Dead RedemptionX360Dave B.
3:30 amRed Dead RedemptionX360Dave B.
4:00 amKid ChameleonGENKat W.
4:30 amKid ChameleonGENKat W.
5:00 amBlades of SteelNESYousaf K.
5:30 amDouble Dragon IINESYousaf K.
6:00 amGolden AxeGENYousaf K.
6:30 amX-MenGENMike B.
7:00 amQuake IISteamMike B.
7:30 amDishonoredSteamDennis F.
8:00 amDishonoredSteamDennis F.
8:30 amPro WrestlingNESDennis F.
9:00 amReserved for delays/injury time
9:30 am
Time SlotGame TitleConsoleDonator(s)