2017 Event Schedule

Here is the list of games we played (or tried to!) along with the list of people who donated $25 (or more) in order to request the game of their choice for us to play.

It was a great couple of days and lots of laughs were had. You can view many clips from that day on the Extra Life '17 playlist on YouTube.

Scheduled Games
#Game TitleConsoleRequested by:
1Puyo Puyo TetrisSwitchGreedy Shawn "The Champ" L.
2Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD RemixXbox 360Greedy Shawn "The Champ" L.
3Wonder Boy III: Monster LairGenesisCarmen "Snack Attack" Wu
4Pocket FighterPS2Carmen "Snack Attack" Wu
5 & 6ThexderPCRoy L.
7Duck HuntWii UDorwin
9 & 10Top Gear 2SNESThis is Dave
11 & 12Katamari DamacyPS2 (via PS3)Cecily L.
13Super Spike VBallNESAnonymous
14Chrono TriggerSNESMichael C.
15 & 16Comix ZoneGenesisThe Lazzard of Oz
17 & 18Streets of Rage 2GenesisThe Lazzard of Oz
19 & 20Donkey Kong CountrySNESHappy Birthday Crandle
21 & 22TowerFall AscensionPS4Chris 'Mike Pricetag' F.
23Lode RunnerPCMark A.
24WindjammersPS4Denni$ F.
25 & 261-2-SwitchSwitchDarryl H.
27 & 28Castlevania III: Dracula's CurseNESNewlyweds Pat and Ely
29Wild Guns ReloadedPC1UPers
30RunbowWii UShela Would Know U.
31 & 32Rock BandXbox 360Justin "Player 3" W.
33 & 34Duck TalesNESLee C.
35 & 36Fire Emblem WarriorsSwitch"Zombie" Ivan C.
37 & 38Gears of War 2Xbox 360Rick "Back Pucks" V., Renee & Will
39NidhoggPCHesh J.
40 & 41Rock Band (again!)Xbox 360Carol P. & Mike C.
42Balloon FightNESFranks Beans Z.
43Marble MadnessNESFranks Beans Z.
44JourneyPS4Mike "Berry" B.
45BroforcePS4GG 'The Edamama' F.
46 & 47CupheadPCKat W.
48Runbow (again!)Wii UShela Would Know U.
#Game TitleConsoleRequested by:

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