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One Week Until Game Day #1!

Venue Update — Spoiler: It's the Same One!

Hello again! Last time, I mentioned my wife and I were selling the house. Well, it sold (yay!) and we managed to get the closing date after our Extra Life marathons for the year are completed. So that means we will have the same set-up as the previous two years and that should *knocks on wood* keep the number of potential technical difficulties down.

We're still busy with packing and organizing everything related to the move but I've managed to test a good chunk of the hardware and software required for Day 1 (next week).

I'm really excited to have everyone here and have our last big party in this home all while raising money for SickKids Foundation. My only concern is that I've been so busy that I kept forgetting to practice my planks for the live donation incentives and I have a feeling I'm going to get super shakey very quickly!

Game Requests: Closed

It is officially one week before game day so game requests are, also officially, closed. If you have donated already and would still like to make your request you are free to do so, as long as there are time slots left. Currently, there are 2.5 hours of unused game request slots (5 slots of 30 minutes), so get them in sooner than later!

Here are the latest requests to come in since the previous blog post:

  • BroForce
  • Crazy Taxi
  • QWOP
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Golden Axe II (JPN)
  • Diablo III
  • GTA: San Andreas
  • Towerfall Ascension

A Message From CMN Hospitals

As you know, I'm raising money for SickKids Foundation who in turn raises funds and awareness for The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto but their efforts also go into improving the lives of children across Canada and around the world. Last week I got a note from them saying this year, thanks to Extra Life, they had already raised over $235,000 by the time the official Game Day 2018, November 3rd, was over! Great work everyone! The year is not over so let's keep it going for a few more weeks!!

SickKids - The Hospital for Sick Children is a Children's Miracle Network Hospital. The following video is a short message from just a few of the people the CMN has helped, to everyone who has donated so far via Extra Life.

Join Us... and  BRING IT! 

Last year during Day 1 we made over $500 during the stream! Do you think we can do it again this year? Doesn't hurt to try, right?

This coming Saturday, November 24th, we will be streaming, live from location, once again! Starting at 11 AM and going for a minimum of 12 hours straight we will game our best, for the kids. And for the kids, I ask you to join on the video stream at Twitch.tv/AlfaTrion and in the chat room to participate, donate (if you can) and share/spread the word to all your friends, family and co-workers. Every tiniest little bit counts. Let's bring it!

NOTICE: Marathon Date Change

We're Still Here, and We're Still Going!

First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates lately. September and October have been extremely busy for my wife and me. We both had some freelance work to complete, as well as courses to finish after our regular day jobs and other responsibilities. Also, I had to put in a ton of extra hours at my 9-to-5. On top of all that, we just got married in August and since then, we have been spending most of our time getting ready to list our home for sale. I am happy to say, we are finally going on the market this Wednesday!

All that being said, we ended up having to list much too close to our originally scheduled dates for our Extra life marathons. Due to this, we are rescheduling the marathon days to the following dates:

  • Day 1: Saturday, November 24th (Happy Birthday, Mom!)
  • Day 2: Saturday, December 1st

Please update your calendars and continue to tell your friends about our cause!

10th Anniversary Extra Life Flexible Wood Google Pixel Case from CarvedX.com
10th Anniversary Extra Life Flexible Wood Google Pixel Case from CarvedX.com

Where Are We At?

As of the writing of this post, here are our stats:

  • 41.1% of our $5,000 goal, at $2,055
  • We are currently ranked:
    • in the top 200 teams of fundraisers out of just under 38,000 participants
    • in the top 25 teams in Canada out of ~4,500
    • in the top 5 teams in Ontario out of ~1,500
    • the 4th highest fundraisers for SickKids Foundation! (out of ~700)
  • Donations received: 26
  • Average donation: $76.11
  • Largest donation: $250 (thanks Ryan D!)

How great is this? We are less than $500 away from the halfway point to our goal and we're amongst the top fundraisers, yet again, for the 3rd year in a row (so far). On top of all this, due to raising enough funds, I was eligible to receive an exclusive, 10th Anniversary Extra Life custom phone case for my Google Pixel made from flexible wood from CarvedX.com!

Game Requests

Game requests are still open. We have exactly twenty 30-min slots (or ten 60-min ones) left, but they might start to go quickly as game day is only a month away!

Here are the games people have requested since my last update:

  • Forza Horizon 3
  • Runbow (3rd year in a row!)
  • Super Mario Party
  • Super Contra III
  • Sonic Mania
  • Gradius V or Ikaruga
  • Cuphead
  • Portal

Due to listing our house, ALL of my consoles and games are packed away but I will unpack anything on my game list which you would like my team and me to play. And you know why: because it's #ForTheKids!!

Early Bird Special: Only 2 Weeks Left

Smiling child with stethoscope on his chest. 'I am playing games to heal local kids.'

Request What We Play To Heal Kids

Great news: In just over two weeks we have already raised over $800 USD for SickKids Foundation! That's 16% of our $5,000 goal :) Please spread the word and maybe we can get to 25% before the end of the month!

Out of the 9 awesome people who donated so far, 6 of them have requested some games:

  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z
  • Super Volley Blast
  • Windjammers (a favourite from last year)
  • Super Mario Land (with a twist!)
  • Tekken 7
  • Super Bomberman R

If you would like to request a game, check out the Event Schedule for instructions on how to do so. Also, if you donate before October 1st, you can take advantage of the Early Bird Special which let's you request a game for me and my team to play for an hour of the marathon for only $40 USD! Half hour game requests will remain at $25 USD donations.

I have added over 50 new games to my library for you to choose from. So browse through the game list and request a game! There's well over 2000 games divided by console, so if you think of a game, I may have some version of it somewhere :)

Here is the direct donations link.

Let's Get This Started (Again)!

Third year running! Playing in support of SickKids Foundation

Doing it Once Again, #ForTheKids

Hello heroes! It's that time of year again where my team and I promise to play 24 hours of video games in order to raise funds for SickKids - The Hospital For Sick Children! That's right, it's the 3rd Annual Team 1UPers Extra Life Campaign, where we help sick children and run a marathon of playing video games for an absurd length of time!*

If you are new, please skim through the homepage so you know what's going on here (the short version is we play video games to help heal kids). But if you're not, welcome back!

It's been another crazy year... the craziest? Well there's still time for more crazy to spew but in spite of it all, we are going to do: what makes people happy, what makes us a team, what can save lives of many children in Toronto and the rest of the world, and much more!

We have a lot of work to do, SickKids Foundation needs our help.

*Please play responsibly.


This year our goal is $5,000 and the donation forms will be live until December 31st, 2018. We will likely be marathon-playing 2 days (minimum 12 hours each) of video games this Winter, stream it all live on Twitch.tv, and we'll throw in a few more incentives for your friends and co-workers to donate as well!

Game requests are back and of course, there will be more games to choose from. For more details check the Event Schedule page. I will be updating the available games list very soon but there are still thousands to pick from currently! The Early Bird Special is on from now until the end of September 2018!

1UPers Extra-Life '17 Clip: Day 1 Hour 7.5

DuckTales — "Pogo!"

My friend Lee C., generously donated to my Extra Life campaign and requested we play DuckTales on the NES! I rented this game as a child and actually beat it! I must have had a lot of patience because it seems a lot harder than I remember!

Watch us die in frustration a great number of times with just as many, and more, number of laughs! We get pretty loud in this one so beware :) This game is still fun and the music on the Moon level is still one of my favourite chiptunes.

We were doing tequila and Tabasco shots for people who donated a certain amount during the stream so during this clip we did shot #5.

DuckTales was by Capcom and released in 1989 but then recently remastered for many consoles and PC in 2013.

Notable time codes:

  • 0:06 - Proof I own the game (lol)
  • 0:35 - Stream donation from Crackers_mb!
  • 3:04 - Shaver realizes we were adding Tabasco to our shots
  • 6:03 - First fail of the game
  • 6:34 - Shot #5 For the Kids! (off cam)
  • 8:47 - GG learns to use her "pimp cane" & shows off her SKILLS
  • 13:34 - The fails start to get real, and loud
  • 15:22 - RoboDuck gets in the way... constantly
  • 17:03 - "Talk about 'a hole in one!'"
  • 26:19 - Fail. I had full life!!
  • 28:31 - Ivan thinks the snow is ice cream...
  • 29:58 - Shawn is very bad at this game!
  • 33:23 - POGO!!
  • 33:54 - Justin predicts Shawn's fate after invincibility
  • 39:30 - Ivan figures out that damn bee!
  • 40:03 - Ivan continues to make us look bad...
  • 40:30 - Until this part!
  • 44:39 - Instant karma fail
  • 47:34 - More failure
  • 48:52 - Ivan makes a promise... can he keep it?
  • 53:16 - Probably the funniest moments back to back this hour
  • 56:28 - Ivan, you promised!
  • 56:53 - Thanks!

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1UPers Extra-Life '17 Clip: Day 1 Hour 6.5

Rock Band — "We are EVERYWHERE!"

Fellow 1UPer, Justin a.k.a. Player 3, generously donated to my Extra Life campaign and requested we play Rock Band on Xbox 360! This is the first of two times where we played this game for Extra Life 2017.

Watch us play our plastic instruments and belt out some vocals while we fail a bunch of songs!!

Rock Band is by Harmonix and you can buy a newer version of it for current consoles. Here, we are playing on the Xbox 360.

Notable time codes:

  • 3:28 We learn that Shawn has never played or HELD a guitar hero controller
  • 4:59 Shawn forgot how games work?
  • 5:45 Track 1: "I Think I'm Paranoid"
  • 6:39 Justin Struggling
  • 11:01 Track 2: "Say It Ain't So"
  • 23:58 Track 3: "Wanted Dead or Alive" (Justin kills it!)
  • 30:16 Track 4: "Still Alive"
  • 32:16 "Still Alive" - Take 2
  • 37:08 Track 5: "Creep" (Shela's first try!)
  • 37:33 Justin jinxes Shela on the drums
  • 40:20 FAIL: Farhan hits himself in the face with the guitar
  • 43:12 Track 6: "In Bloom"
  • 49:07 Track 7: "Maps" Mark on Expert Mode!
  • 52:10 "Maps" - Take 2, of course
  • 52:17 Mark is stressed out!
  • 55:11 Track 8: Should I Stay or Should I Go
  • 57:02 Thanks

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1UPers Extra-Life '17 Clip: Day 1 Hour 5.5

Top Gear 2 — "Can you buy a new driver?"

My friend, Dave, generously donated to my Extra Life campaign and requested we play Top Gear 2 for Super Nintendo for part of the stream! I loved playing this game when I was younger with my brother. Watch Team 1UPers play 2-player mode!

Top Gear 2 is a 16-bit racer with great chiptunes. Winning races can get you money and you need to use that money to upgrade your car if you want to continue winning races!

Notable timecodes:

  • 1:27 - RACE 1 - Farhan vs Shawn
  • 3:56 - "Ouch!" x3
  • 5:23 - Sick burn!
  • 5:58 - RACE 2
  • 10:12 - RACE 3
  • 10:45 - WTF are they talking about?
  • 12:21 - Fail...
  • 13:22 - The hard truth
  • 14:21 - RACE 4
  • 18:46 - Stealth donation!
  • 19:11 - Salt in Shawn's wounds
  • 19:20 - RACE 5 - Farhan vs. Georgina
  • 21:26 - Georgina mad!
  • 24:29 - RACE 6 - Laurence vs Georgina
  • 26:06 - Group donation Prairie Fire shot! (#4, actually)
  • 29:38 - RACE 7
  • 31:56 - Justin miraculously avoids Georgina's wrath
  • 33:55 - Running on fumes
  • 34:41 - RACE 8
  • 37:03 - Farhan invents a new word
  • 39:02 - RACE 9
  • 39:32 - Justin temps fate yet again
  • 41:18 - And again!
  • 42:36 - Georgina sadly gets owned... LOUDLY
  • 43:14 - Shawn still taking the blame over 20mins later
  • 43:38 - RACE 10
  • 49:39 - Frustrated Georgina lol
  • 52:39 - RACE 11 - Farhan vs Georgina
  • 56:22 - Farhan gets owned, also loudly
  • 58:25 - Special thanks

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1UPers Extra-Life '17 Clip: Day 1 Hour 5

Puzzle Fighter — "Oh my...!!"

My good friend, Shawn, generously donated to my Extra Life campaign and requested we play Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix on Xbox Live Arcade for part of the stream! He also requested Puyo Puyo Tetris which will be part of the Hour 12 video.

This game is a competitive well puzzler (ala Tetris and Puyo Puyo) from Capcom which features chibi versions of their Street Fighter and Darkstalker characters. There is also one character from Cyberbots.

Here are some highlights:

  • 0:00 - We start off talking about how we are doing shots for each donation of $35 or more.
  • 4:00 - In the chat, P2Online starts chirping Shawn (guess who wins!)
  • 4:40 - Ivan's excuse for why he lost the first round
  • 6:38 - P2Online then chirps Shela
  • 7:59, 11:39, 11:44 - Wario starts making appearances again
  • 12:04 - Laurence's donation comes in!
  • 12:57 - P2Online eats his words
  • 13:17 - Shot no. 3 #ForTheKids
  • 15:57 - Ivan gets owned by Laurence who has never played before
  • 21:10 - Exciting round: GG vs Ms. New Judy
  • 26:55 - Thanks

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1UPers Extra-Life '17 Clip: Day 1 Hour 4

Katamari Damacy — Meooow!

My co-worker and friend, Cecily, donated to my Extra Life campaign and requested we play Katamari Damacy for PS2 for part of the stream!

This game is lots of fun, quirky and has great music!

Notable timecodes:

  • I explain the setup: 0:40
  • "My ball has crabs": 18:31
  • Justin's Tom Green impression: 39:12
  • Meooow!: 42:19
  • EXCITEMENT: 53:37
  • Ivan's confession: 56:22
  • Credits: 1:01:06

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1UPers Extra-Life '17 Clip: Day 1 Hour 3.5

Marble Madness — 200 Deaths!

My cousin, Fiona, donated to my Extra Life campaign and sadistically requested we play Marble Madness on the NES for part of the stream!

We all had a ton of laughs while playing and I'm very grateful my cousin picked this one out for us.

Watch Georgina, Shawn, Shela and me try not to die! Oh yeah, we died 196 times in 30 minutes... Also Wario makes an appearance during the last couple of games!

Notable timecodes:

  • 1:09 - Me vs Shawn (Warm Up)
  • 4:52 - Me vs Shawn (Fo' REAL)
  • 8:46 - Me vs Georgina
  • 13:27 - Me vs Georgina (Rematch!)
  • 18:17 - Shawn vs Shela
  • 21:54 - Shawn vs Shela (Rematch!)
  • 25:25 - Shawn vs Shela (FOR GLORY!)
  • 29:07 - Thanks

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Another Gold Medal!

Not for the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics...

Extra Life just sent me my 2nd gold medal for raising a ton of funds for Sick Kids Foundation!

2018 Extra-Life Gold Medal Award

Let's go for a threepeat this year!

1UPers Extra-Life '17 Clip: Day 1 Hour 3

Chrono Trigger

My friend and co-worker, Mike C, donated to my Extra Life campaign and requested we play Chrono Trigger by Squaresoft on Super Nintendo for part of the stream!

For donations of $35 or more, I would do tequila and Tabasco shots and this video shows me doing one for a donation we got near the end of the last video.

Chrono Trigger is one of the greatest jRPGs of all time. It has art from the Dragon Ball and Dragon Quest artist, fantastic music and story from Square's Final Fantasy team with great game mechanics for the time.

Watch Georgina and me run through this great game's intro!

Notable timecodes:

  • 1:53 - Learn Ivan's fav jRPG of all time
  • 4:40 - My fiancee doesn't think I'm a true gentleman
  • 14:30 - Surprise shot for Shawn
  • 19:26 - Georgina makes a funny sound
  • 26:58 - Thanks

You can get this game on SNES, PS1/PSN, NDS, and Android/iOS.

If you like this game's music and hip-hop, check out 2 Mello's album, Chrono Jigga because it's pretty great!

Look out for more clips by subscribing to my YouTube channel!

1UPers Extra-Life '17 Clip: Day 1 Hour 2

Comix Zone — "I Should Have Used the Rat!"

My friend The Lazzard of Oz donated a whole $100 for SickKids Foundation and requested that I play Comix Zone by SEGA on the Genesis during the stream. Well here it is!

For donations of $35 or more, I would do tequila and Tabasco shots and this video shows me doing the first one.

Here is another tough oldie from the mid 90s with a cool concept, great animation and graphics and a very grunge sounding soundtrack. It is hard at first but if we give it a good honest try, I'm sure we can beat it!

Watch me, Shawn and Georgina try and escape the Comix Zone!

Notable timecodes:

  • 9:52 - Fail...
  • 11:27 - #ForTheKids
  • 15:30 - Fail redeemed!
  • 22:29 - Third time's a fail!
  • 28:21 - Gross...
  • 34:43 - I should have used the rat...
  • 37:19 - Bomb fail...
  • 38:27 - Donations and revelations
  • 40:17 - The rat has had enough!
  • 41:36 - First shot of the day!
  • 50:00 - You gotta believe!
  • 57:39 - Another donation!
  • 59:02 - Thank Yous

You can get this game on Steam or find it on Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for Xbox 360 or PS3.

Look out for more clips by subscribing to my YouTube channel!

Thanks for Another Great Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you are enjoying a safe winter holiday and also hope you got to enjoy our live streams in November!

We might have been $25 shy of our $4,000 goal but that means we raised a whole $3,975 USD for Sick Kids Foundation! We were also, once again, one of the top fundraisers for Sick Kids as well as in the top fundraisers across all of Extra Life!

I'm so proud to be part of a group of people who are passionate when it comes to helping children in need! Thank you again to all who came out, played, cheered, watched the stream, brought or made food and especially all the heroes who donated via our campaign!

Bonus Round

A couple of weeks after our 2nd day of marathoning, Extra Life sent me a cool t-shirt!

2017 Extra-Life T-Shirt Prize

I started chopping and editing the live stream into smaller clips. I started with Day 1's Thexder and will try to get as many in as I can before wedding preparations start in the new year.

What's your New Year's resolution? Last week I reached my goal of finishing 24 of my games in 2017! Maybe I'll try that again but it will be harder because of the upcoming wedding :)

Anyway, I will sign off... I will post smaller updates throughout the year until I start the 2018 capaign! See you then!!

Here is a Boomerang of some Secret Santa Rock Banding:

A post shared by Farhan Jiwani (@alfatrion) on

This Weekend: Day 2!

Day 2 Schedule is Up!

I have posted the approximate timings for the games we're playing this Saturday, November 18th for Day 2 of our charity marathon. You can find it at the top of the Event Schedule page.

This time, I'm going to have 7 devices hooked up for the other 16 games we will be playing for our remaining 12 hours. We'll be using my model 1 Genesis, NES and SNES Classic Minis, PC, PS4, Wii U and Xbox 360. We have puzzle games, action platformers, sports, brawlers... but the one thing they all have in common is fun!

Come check out all the fun we'll be having again as we stream live on my Twitch channel under my username, AlfaTrion. We may even go into overtime again like on Day 1!

Donation Incentives #ForTheKids

During Day 1 of the marathon, I said for every donation of $35 or over, I would do a tequila + Tabasco shot. By the end of the night we raised over $500! So for Day 2 we will do more of the same, responsibly.

You can check out some of our incentives, donation tiers and stretch goals on the Event Schedule page. We'll be doing things like push ups, planks, shots and maybe some face painting! Please donate and make us look like fools... it's for the kids!

Thanks again to all who donated so far. Now is the time to tell your friends they can join in the fun too :)

A Successful Day! Part 1 is Done.

What a Great 15 Hours...

First off, I would like to thank everyone that stopped by either in person or via live stream, all the people who donated yesterday and especially everyone who played with me throughout the day. Also thanks to Carmen, Judy and Shela for keeping everyone fed.

Day 1 was a huge success as we raised over $500 more over the course of the day. We played for 12 hours followed by 3 bonus hours. I made an incentive during the stream where if people donated $35 or more, I would do a tequila + Tabasco shot. It seemed to work! Don't worry, I didn't allow myself to do them too fast, for safety sake. Donations were still coming in then next day which brought us to $3,640!

Let's keep this going for Day 2 which is on the 18th of November. I'll try to post the game schedule later this week. Let's see if we can get to $4,000! Time to restock the tequila... #ForTheKids!


There is a temporary video of the entire 15 hour stream on my Twitch channel. I will be chopping it up and posting it to my YouTube account during the next few months, so stay tuned.

Out of the games we played, the top 3 biggest hits were:

  • Rock Band
  • Windjammers
  • Nidhogg

Big thanks to Justin, Dennis and Heshaka for requesting these gems!

Day 2 - November 18th

For Day 2 I will be thinking up some more incentives for people to keep donating and raising funds for SickKids Foundation.

If you think of any, let me know!

Next Weekend: GAME TIME!

Just a Little More...

As of this post we are a mere 5% away from our $3,000 goal, only $145 short! Also, we still have a half-hour game slot left for requests which can make a great incentive for your friends to donate for the cause (KIDS)! Let them know and if you haven't requested a game already, what are you waiting for? There are some suggestions at the bottom of the Available Games List for your convenience :).

Currently, the Extra Life site shows that 1UPers are in the Top 5 list of fundraisers for SickKids Foundation. If we go passed our goal, we may even make Top 3!

Day 1 Schedule is Up!

I have posted the approximate timings for the games we're playing this Saturday, November 4th for Day 1 of our charity marathon. You can find it at the top of the Event Schedule page.

I'm going to have 9 devices hooked up for the 16 games we will be playing for a minimum of 12 hours straight! We'll be using my model 1 Genesis, NES Classic Mini, PC, 3 different Playstations, Super Famicom, Switch and Xbox 360. Across all of these consoles we will be playing games spanning a whole slew of genres from classic platformers and "sports" games to puzzle and rhythm games.

Come check out all the fun we'll be having as we stream live on my Twitch channel under my username, AlfaTrion. Day 2, for the remaining 12 hours, will be held on Saturday, November 18th.

Have a Safe and ~Spooky~ Halloween!

If you are binge watching the new season of Stranger Things, try and spot the different arcade machines in the background of some of the scenes. Which one was your favourite growing up? Hit me up on Twitter (@AlfaTrion) and let me know!

Almost There...

We're 80% of the Way to the Goal!

Great work, everybody! We're so close to our goal of $3,000 and even game day as well. At the moment of this posting there are only 18 game request slots left so if we fill all of those we'll be around 95%!

Please continue to share my campaign with others and help me inch forward towards the goal.

Dreaming Re: Streaming

I took a day off work last week to test my streaming set up. I didn't get through all of the requested games but I was able to have the live chat show up on screen. Also the stream quality was pretty solid so I'm very happy about that.

If you want to watch the test, check it out while it is still available by clicking the picture below. There may be some casual foul language used, so please don't be offended.

Screenshot of my Twitch stream test for Extra Life 2017

Where's the Rest of Last Year's Clips?

This year I got very busy with multiple volleyball leagues, so the videos had a slow start. I started getting on a roll with pumping out some videos to YouTube, but after 6 hours of last year's clips, I got extremely busy: Multiple volleyball leagues, freelance work, family, health and then the usual birthdays and weddings all took up any of the video editing time I had each week.

I'm very sorry for the delay but they will be coming, slowly but surely. However, if you want to see the raw 24 hour video, it is still up on my Twitch.tv page (click the image in the above section) and look for the 24 hour video from February 7th, 2017.

After this November, I will try to put out one 2017 marathon video each week and try to sprinkle multiple 2016 videos in between.

Less Than Two Months Until Extra Life 2017!

Only 25 Game Request Slots Left!

Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of exclamation points in this site?

Anyway, just a quick update: We have raised $1,325 which makes us about 44% to our goal of $3,000, and the Early Bird tier for game requests is now closed.

Game requests are still open and there are 25 slots left at the time of this post. I picked up some great games (Like Windjammers) for you to request!

The past two weeks have been very busy but I managed to get a few more videos up on YouTube from last year's game day. See below for a couple of them.

I still need your help with spreading the word of our campaign in order to secure additional donations for SickKids Foundation. Also, please donate if you can!

I hope to get some more videos up soon, but for now, please enjoy the ones below.

Game Wall Tour and Crash Bandicoot

Crandle the birthday girl wanted us to play Crash Bandicoot on Game Day and while I was setting up, Kevin said I should show off my game wall. So at the beginning of this video, you'll be able to see a good majority of my physical games on display.

After that, watch Shawn and I suck very badly at this game while Georgina constantly says "Oh My God!" Also, you can try to count how many times we say "WHAT?!" during the game.

Some funny memories:

  • Game wall tour: first minute and a half of the video
  • They teach me how to pick up items and I still fail: 7:04
  • And again: 7:35
  • Rene judges Crash's girlfriend: 23:19
  • Hardest enemy ever: 29:56

Extra-Life '16 Clip: Tekken 3

My college roommate, Moose, donated and requested we play Tekken 3, the hit Playstation 1 title from Namco which was popular back when we were living on campus at McMaster University. I clearly forgot how to play this game! Watch a bunch of us try to clobber each other and fail miserably.


  • I start the game off by kicking a robot to death: 3:11
  • "Sweet Pun" during the Lei vs King fight: 5:00
  • Unnecessary roughness to end the Eddy vs Jin match: 10:10
  • Kevin looks like a beer: 16:56
  • Kevin beats me without looking!: 19:12
  • Jojo tells us the meaning of fighting games: 20:49
  • Kevin calls Chris "Mike": 26:46

Hour Six of 2016's Game Day

Extra-Life '16 Clip: Monaco - What's Yours is Mine

Here's a clip from last year's game day which started off the 6th hour of the marathon: 1UPer Carmen (aka Snack Attack) requested we play Monaco and it was hilarious because it was the most uncoordinated bank heist I've ever witnessed. Lot's of funny moments, especially when Georgina, the Edamadame, was doing the back seat commentary!

There were a lot of laughs and dramatic deaths, here are the times for just a few highlights:

Extra-Life '16 Clip: Crypt of the Necrodancer

Rounding off the 25% mark of the marathon we played Crypt of the Necrodancer which was requested by 1UPers Chris and JoJo: You can watch us try to dungeon crawl to the beat (dungeon dance, if you will). Most of the times we either killed each other or ourselves! Conrad was the best out of us on our first tries.

After editing this video I really want to go back into this game!


  • Chris explains to Jocelyn how he's prevented their house to look like mine within the first 30 seconds of them arriving lol
  • Kevin dances (again!): 8:34
  • Enemy victory party: 18:59
  • Chris's great advice: 20:36


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